Representatives of ex-combatants of illegal organizations made a sit-in in front of Congress, they go for total peace

Several foundations, associations and legal representatives of ex-combatants from different groups outside the law, who hope to join the total peace initiative proposed by the national government, were, this Wednesday, in front of the Congress of the Republic in a sit-in.

The initiative of the organizations has the objective, according to sources close to it, to express support for the subjugation project and accompany the proposal of the Government, of total peace, which is also shared by social and indigenous leaders, some deprived of liberty.

Representatives of ex-combatants held a sit-in in front of Congress – Photo: Carlos Antonio Lozada Press


The organizations hope, with this act, to guarantee the progress of the project ready for study in the legislature and that they obviously expect to be approved with the articles that allows criminal organizations, their members, including those deprived of liberty, to submit to justice and obtain the legal benefits of the same law.

“Composed of corporations such as Villa de la Esperanza, Colombia Commitment Corporation, Peace Classrooms, Damarys Mejia Foundation for Peace, Cedesca, Hands for Peace, Funprovipaz, Committee of Prisoners for the Truth of Colombia -thematic table, Victim Corporations, Conflict and Peace”, point out the organizations that participate in the sit-in.

The platoon was scheduled while the organizations warn the importance of carrying out activities that promote or at least help to guarantee that the discussion in Congress, on the submission law, is carried out by the legislators and with the obvious objective of obtaining its approval.

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