Victims, Conflict and Peace Multiactive Corporation

We are a non-profit entity, whose main objective is to serve as a mediating bridge between the PPL and the STATE, THE ACTORS AND THE VICTIMS OF THE ARMED CONFLICT, AND OF THE CONLICTS BETWEEN LAWS, SOCIETY AND JUSTICE.


VICON directs its activities towards achieving the goals of restorative justice: truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition, promoting dialogue in the process of building peace among all Colombians.

population deprived of liberty (ppl)

People deprived of their liberty who have been separated from their usual environment and who find themselves in a state of restraint deprived of their ability to choose over their own lives, regardless of the reason for their detention, are by definition vulnerable.

actors of the armed conflict

The history of Colombia in the last sixty years has been marked by armed conflict. In its beginnings, the unequal distribution of land and the lack of spaces for political participation gave rise to the use of violence and armed struggle.

victims of the armed conflict

The victims of the internal armed conflict in Colombia are the thousands of dead, wounded, kidnapped, displaced, disappeared and other victims of different forms of violence by the different violent actors in the conflict.


The peasant is a subject located in rural areas, who produces for self-consumption and the production of surpluses, with which he participates in the market at the local, regional and national levels.


Women in our country, as a vulnerable population and spoils of war, have been subjected to the greatest abuse that any internal armed conflict can produce in Colombia. Consequently, we seek that they are not revictimized, that their rights be recognized on an equal footing.


LGBTIQ people deprived of liberty

LGBTI2 people have historically faced and continue to face discrimination and violence in many aspects of their existence. Culture, tradition and religion continue to be used to justify the denial of the fundamental rights of this sector of the population.

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We watch over those people who have been victims of the State, victims of the laws, victims of society, victims of the armed conflict, victims of the criminal policy of punitive populism and politics, in search of peace and restorative justice.